Properties & Characteristic:
• Colourless, odourless and tasteless
• Non-combustible and Inert to all materials at all temperature and pressures
• Non Toxic but an asphyxiant
• Lighter than air
• Higher thermal conductivity than most gases

Purity: 99.995% – 99.9995%
Deliver: High Pressure Cylinder, High Pressure Long Tube, 16 cylinders/pallet

Application & Uses:
• Widely used in welding industry as an ideal shielding gas for MIG and TIG welding with stainless steel, aluminium, copper, nickel, titanium and many alloys
• As a carrier gas in gas chromatography
• Used for perfect leak detection gas for a pressure or vacuum systems
• Can be used as balloon gas for some biggest public event
• Mixture of helium-oxygen used as a breathing gas in deep sea diving
• Used for medical purpose for therapy and anesthesia of patients