Mixture Gases are homogenous mixtures of different gases or vapors, which are a combination of two or more gas components with different concentration or percentage. We are able to customize blend various types of mixtures gas accordingly to your specification and application needs. We can prepare our gas mixtures as standard to an uncertainty of ±5% and up to ±2% accuracy tolerance.

Example some of the popular shielding gas mixtures that commonly used for MIG, TIG, plasma cutting and welding are shown as below:

Two components Mixtures :
CO2 – Argon Mixture
H2 – Argon Mixture
He – Argon Mixture
N2 – Argon Mixture
O2 – Helium Mixture

Three components Mixtures :
O2-CO2-Ar Mixture
H2-CO2-Ar Mixture
He-CO2-Ar Mixture
N2-CO2-Ar Mixture
He-N2-Ar Mixture